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We are a Christian ministry bringing hope to prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families and those affected by crime.

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The Christian author C. S. Lewis said, “A ship at sea must answer 3 important questions: one, how to avoid sinking; two, how not to bump into other ships, and three, why is it at sea in the first place?” C. S. Lewis writing of this was discussing the moral position that a Christian should have.

The first question was a matter of Personal ethics, the second a matter of Social ethics and the third a matter of Normative ethics. But I think at first glance the 3 questions also bring to our hearts and minds the deep question of Prison Fellowship Malaysia – and all of us need to answer the same questions for the ministry.

Why are we here? Why are we even at sea, crossing this great gulf of human misery, the stench of sin and failure which is propped up for us to see day in and day out when we walk into the prison? What are we doing here? How often has a friend called you, and asked, “Where are you?” And the great answer you give, “I am going to prison!” Surely the blank stare on the other side of the line! Going to prison? For what? Why? What did you do? The long answer would be to explain our involvement in the work and ministry of Prison Fellowship Malaysia.

The short answer would be to briefly mention the call to visit Christ in the prisons! That is why we are out here floating on the seven seas of prison bars and hopeful looks.

How do we keep from bumping into other ships, is the call to organization and administration. The seas are fairly safe compared to the thousands of planes buzzing around in the sky, but accidents do happen. Collisions do occur.

Tankers knocking into each other, damaged bows and cracked hulls! We are at that stage now! We are at sea! With almost 600 volunteers nationwide and many more coming along, our organizational skills demand coherence! Our administration and financial status need to be balanced!

Our visiting schedules need frames, lines and times. We are no longer to swim or float anywhere we wish, tooting our horns demanding for right of way in the open seas! We need guidelines and rules, failing which we shall make shipwreck not of our faith alone but the ministry too.

How do we keep from sinking? Some of us have been on this voyage for years! Barnacles encrust our hulls. We have faced storms at sea! The ever changing tides of prison directors and officers; their rules and regulations. We are often left reeling from one side to the other, hoping that we can endure till the storm is past.  How do we keep from sinking? Christ walking upon the waters, reaching out to Peter. Our hope, our only hope is when our eyes are fixed on Him, the author and finisher of our faith. There will be no end to the struggles we face: man-power, finances, leadership crisis, commitment and the likes. But we shall keep our eyes on Jesus.

Psalm 50:10 says, “For every beast of the forest is Mine, And the cattle on a thousand hills.” I would like to add, every ship on the seven seas, even the seven seas belong to Him. We belong to Him, this ministry called Prison Fellowship belongs to Him. We are but unworthy servants, called to serve a Worthy Master!